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Virtual Trade Shows are the New Influencer

Save money, reach more potential customers, describe your product or service in-depth during and after the event with our Virtual Trade Show. Pre-qualify your customers from a larger pool of attendees. Reduce expenses related to travel, accommodation and liability (no risk of COVID-19 in the virtual world).
Follow up on the trade floor with live video chat and keep the conversation going. Customers can focus on your message with minimal background noise and distractions.

Save Money, Spend Efficiently

“Instant Travel” to our Trade Floor means savings on travel, accommodation and meals, Focus your budget on post-event meetings in person after qualifying conversations, effectively multiplying returns on your expenditures. Save hundreds and thousands of dollars in your return of investment.

Reach New Markets

Translate your offerings into world markets with minimal expense. Build in sensitivities, lingo and pitch style to suite the culture you are reaching. Make a strong first impression. Extend your reach to a world-wide, ever-changing, multicultural and multilingual audience.

Reduce Risk

Vaccination will allow regional events to re-open but coming back to a new normal will take more time. Reduce risk to your business and employees with our Virtual Trade Show.

Stand Out

The pandemic accelerated adoption of virtual worlds. Leaders like Disney and Epic are going all-in. Digital goods and hybrid events are becoming the norm. Stand out from your competitors with a presence in the virtual world, distinctive representation, and interactive 3D demonstrations of your product or service.

Meet and Greet Automagically

Avatars meet and greet new arrivals, guide them with scripted choices to your booth, and speak with lip-sync adding to their charm and believability. Use synth voices or recorded actors in any language of your choice.

Live Rent-free in Customers’ Minds

Immersive video training improves retention of knowledge two to three times that of ‘given then forgotten’ trade show materials. Give your potential customers training while entertaining and they’ll remember you.

Carbon Offset Savings

Reduced travel and materials means direct savings and is better for the environment.


Pair your event presence with invitation-only side events like concerts, recitals, after-party events and more. Make a lasting and positive impression.

Personal Connections

Connect immediately via video or in a private avatar-based meeting room with audio and optional video chat.

Contact us now to start your virtual event presence.

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