Virtual Concerts

Virtual Concerts, Worldwide Reach, Endless Styles

The Metaverse has already witnessed hugely successful online concerts with tens of thousands and even millions of attendees interacting with the performer in virtual space.
Make your own event happen in a variety of spaces: warm and intimate coffee shop, elegant auditorium, art gallery speakeasy, location-specific outdoor stage, or Wembly-size stadium, complete with light show and audience interaction.

Choose Your Venue

Whether you’re representing a solo artist presenting in local cafes, organizing a post-art show DJ event, providing a venue for classical music professionals or making a noise with outdoor staging, we have you covered.

Choose Your Transmission Technology

Manifest in the Metaverse with audio-only streaming and 100% avatar representation, streamed video on a projection screen, or professional-grade chromakey capture (or a blend of all these options) based on your budget and ambitions.

Choose your Audience

Use metrics and mailouts to prime your loyal audience for the best turnout. Customers receive a tokenized pass to the event while providing you with real data on attendance, language, location and participation.

Recreate Real-World Event Staging

The music world is famous and infamous for ‘imaginative excesses’, shattering boundaries, asserting styles and creating culture. Let loose the gods of rock, the priests of techno, the rough riders of country and the belles and beaus of pop with a complete staging and advertising package professionally produces just for your event.

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