Virtual Co-working Space

Work Virtually and Solve Video Coms Exhaustion

“Show up to the office while working from home.” Your (virtual) office, upgraded with #Dropbox!

Video conferencing works for short-term needs but spending a day ‘on display’ as a screen personality is proving to be exhausting and induces stress. Video-only limits interaction to a constrained grid of silos.
Break out of the video brickwork with our Virtual Co-working Space.
Sit side-by-side, stretch your legs, change viewpoint, share a whiteboard, communicate with voice audio and text chat, then switch on the video as you need it. Stay engaged in a workday while at a distance and stay refreshed, stay connected and keep innovating.

Business Environment with Personal Privacy

Work-from-home (WFH) needn’t compromise professionalism nor personal privacy. Log into your shared virtual space, choose a personal avatar, and set to work while discussing VIA audio chat your project or topic. Share your presentation slides and whiteboard ideas.

Video Conference as You Need It

Enjoy the benefits of video as you need it. Multi-camera or two-way video appears on-screen as a virtual monitor right where you would expect it to be in the real world.

Desktop Sharing

Stream your desktop to describe your project in detail to your co-workers. Project notes, organization board, reports, and code can all be shared on-screen.

Presentation Slides

Import slides via Dropbox and present effectively to your co-workers as you would in a real-world environment.


Our virtual environments use tokenized security, rooms are password-protected, and audio chat is encrypted.

Persistent Rooms

Return to your virtual co-working space for one-on-one internal workshops, client consultations, or to continue work as needed.

Contact Us

For more information or to book a session, please contact us VIA the form below for a quick reply. We’re ready to accommodate your business’s needs.

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