Teambuilding and Training

Build Team Skills in the Metaverse, Remember in the Real

Leverage soft skills, teach new technical skills and offer employee training exercises in the virtual world. The metaverse improves retention of information up to 30% more over conventional online sources. Sense memory is engaged and what you practice, makes perfect. Make like Neo and download your skills today!

Practice Interpersonal and Cross-Cultural Skills

Learn the ropes, try different approaches, decide your style in private before presenting to your colleagues or a room of strangers. Use natural-language conversation in a one-to-one or audience environment and acclimate to the new situation. Present in the real based on a foundation in the virtual.

Learn Technical and Mechanical Skills

Practice learning modules with predefined lessons. Learn the ins and outs of mechanical and technological systems while building sense memory. Ace the skills upgrade tests!

Multi-Choice Script, Text Input or Speech-to-Text

Choose between scripted dialogue with pre-defined answers as part of your training module, opt for natural-language text input or go for speech-to-text interaction with your avatar teachers.

Recorded Voice or Synthetic Voice

After testing your dialogue with scripted courseware and the spoken text is locked in, elect to hire a voice professional for that human presence. Alternatively, use voice synthesis with native desktop or mobile resources or sophisticated internet-based technologies.

Bond with Colleagues (while kicking a**)

Engage in competitive virtual games and scenarios with your colleagues. Build bonds and celebrate after a fun session of laser tag, escape room, or PVP. Settle scores and celebrate.

Chill With Movies

Take advantage of our cinema room with episodic content, new-release movies or beloved classics. Share a room with colleagues and make friends with a great cinema reel.

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