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The Team

We collaborate with accomplished, trusted partners – our working relationships span five to nearly twenty years. 

Mattias Holmgren

Composer & Audio Director

Morningdew Media

Mattias started a audio production company, Morningdew Media in 2003 composing and performing music and sound design for international clients like BRIO, Fisherman’s Friend, IKEA etc. Mattias has scored short films and games including: Vegas Towers, Legion Of the Damned, iDamaged, Valet Parking 1989, 1950s Lawn Mower Kids, Luminati, Flight Deck, Unicorn Rush, Robofish, LEGIO, FURIAE. Check them out on your PC, iPhone, iPad and Nintendo DSi.

Nicole Meunier

Creative Director


Nicole has a diploma in Multimedia Design and has been working in her field since graduating in 1998.  From her experience in the software and manufacturing industries, Nicole has a full understanding of the creative and marketing needs of B2B businesses.
While at Al-Pack Enterprises, Nicole designed retail packaging for over 12 SKU’s and was part of a consultant team working with the advertising agencies of two national retailers on their private label brands.

Amanda Cormier

Senior Designer


Amanda received her diploma in Computer Electronics Engineering in 2002 and a diploma in Multimedia Design in 2006. She began her creative career as a Graphic Artist for the Times and Transcript. In, 2009 Amanda took an entrepreneurial journey and became the owner of her company Creativia Concepts, working as a freelance Graphic & Web Designer for various clients from Lounsbury, Pizza Shack, Fundy Group and Seamless Brand.

Alina Nowak

Senior GIS tech

As the lead geospatial analyst for community planning and development, I am required to find out any and all information pertinent to the planning of new communities. This work includes any land and human demographic considerations as well as the creation of various visual representations to simply and clearly illustrate results. I run past, current and future analysis with predictive trends to help decide a course of action for a community. I have been working as a lead geospatial analyst in a fast paced public sector organization for many years now. Currently I’m building mobile location tech based around bluetooth beacons.

Kenneth Mayfield

President, iOS Developer

Kenneth’s premiere iOS effort, SteamPunk Hockey (SPH), reached top 20 status worldwide in the App Store several times over during promotional efforts, netting 250,000 downloads and updates. SPH was featured as ‘New and Noteworthy’ by Apple, and reviewed in MacWorld, Business Week, Bloomberg and featured in the “Makes Words Work Guide to iPhone Gaming” by Paul Williams. Kenn’s past and recent work has included geological, atmospheric, astronomical and biological sciences delivered to general audiences via interactive applications and graphics.

Kevin Kearns

Advisor – Museum Professional

Kevin is a creative professional specializing in museum development and management. Professional experience includes assembling, directing and managing multidisciplinary creative teams, program and project management, strategic planning and implementation, contract negotiation and management, content development across diverse media, management of planning, design and construction administration for mid-scale ($30m+) projects. Fluent in Portuguese. International experience includes residence abroad and travel in Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean.
Kevin frequently volunteer for civic planning committees and community non-profits. 

Miryana Heath

Marketing, Data


With over 20 years of applied experience in Marketing Research and Data Analysis, Miryana brings us the unique ability to make simple sense out of complicated numbers and statistics. Combining her talents in statistics with advanced skills in communication and visualization, her results can be easily understood by virtually any audience. If you have numbers and need to know anything from popularity to profitability, Miryana is the perfect person for the job.

In addition to her applied experience, Miryana was asked to be a presenter at the BCRPA Symposium in Victoria (2015) . Topics included the use of data in marketing, and introducing metrics as a tool to determine more effective marketing strategies

Key software proficiencies include:Tableau, Power Pivot, Microsoft Project, Excel and Adobe Creative Suite as well as all major office products.

Miryana is currently persuing a Master’s Degree in Communication with a focus on numerical data communication