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What we offer

Xyris Interactive Design Inc is a truly multitalented experienced crew with international experience. Our secret is our solid understanding of code and arts. 
We’re ready for your next project to the stars.

Here is what we bring to your team.

iOS Development

iOS is where we live, starting with our original SteamPunk Hockey (Top 20 Worldwide Family/Games/Free) to our client work (ChartSpan features, most downloaded USA medical App) we replaced our hearts with iPhones and iPads.

OSX Development

Nothing beats a desktop or a laptop, except and desk and a lap. We OSX for the increased power and limitless possibilities. Ninety percent of the work is often done if you’ve created an iOS app, so go all the way and give your users a native Mac experience too.

Android Development

Everyone loves a green robot. We like robots too. With half the market interacting with robots daily, you can’t ignore the green.
Take back the power from the robot overlords with your own native Android app.


From Launch Academy to UBC Entrepreneurs to peeps with ideas, we’re battle-hardened support for the startup community. Risk and daring on a tight timeline, live-or-die stakes, and brilliant vision we can handle.


A giant amongst clans? Does the world shift with your smallest gesture? We understand the stakes are high when you’re serving millions of users.
Try Xyris for straight-shooting tell-it-as-it-is mobile support and asset creation.


Looking for white-label development and asset services for your clients? We have agency experience and are familiar with your needs to represent.

Analytics and Metrics

Every business lives by what it knows. Xyris has extensive experience setting up your mobile metrics to best capture behavioral data and compile actual user profiles.

Planning Services

Fast Prototyping

We have vivid imaginations, and proven ability to make the intangible real.
Wireframes, card-by-card tap-throughs, thin or deep demo, MVP – we do it all.

User Experience

We’re obsessed with user communications. If it makes the user smile, they’ll come back. We aim for repeat performances and have the experience to spot wins in user experience.

Interaction Design

Go with the flow. Most of the user interaction is in “wetware”. We recognize that interaction design is a dialogue with the user’s mind, and design information flow to put the user first.

Media Services

Graphic Design

Our designs are nearly legal tender – for reals! We’ve designed lottery tickets, logo, letterhead, web sites and mobile interfaces.

Video Production

Nothing moves customers like motion. We’re also film and documentary addicts, and love a good story – let us tell yours. 

Original Music

Xyris taps into its vast talent network to bring you the best. Original music is the only way to make your message heard.


Making it pretty helps too. We are lifelong, experienced photographers, always looking for the angle and the truth. Original tailored photography stands out in a way stock photography can only dream of. 


We have a decade of municipal and GIS experience, making us heavy hitters in geolocation and beacons technology. Find yourself here with professional mapping services.


Speak to your audience. Spanish, English, French, Farsi, Korean, Chinese, Japanese – welcome to the polyglot’s world. We speak in many tongues to reach your audience.


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