Tangoo – Application Updates 

Updated UI Design
Brilliant updates UI from Tangoo’s Lead Designer. Xyris took these to heart and rapidly built the new design to spec.

Intelligent Banner
Interactive banner displays newest and best deals, hot from Tangoo’s magic hustling powers.

Fiery Promotion
Tangoo revamped its promotional services to promote special events and deals  across screens. Xyris set the sails and fashioned the code to let this baby burn bright.

Check, please
Xyris pumped up Tangoo’s unique selling proposition with pop-up location-based Check-In and Voting screens, all integrated with existing code like a boss. 


Deep. Deep Links.
We integrated the Tangoo redesign with a powerful deep linking engine. This makes Tangoo the port of call for its rapidly increasing user base.

Geo-Magical Location
Xyris created an infrastructure to manage relevant notices for Tangoo’s popular user base. Now Tangoo can conjur location-based reminders any time, any where.

Smoother Touch
We revamped display and code organization to make better vendor storefronts – ultra flex function.

Call Me
Xyris added rewards-sensitive buttons and a system to connect busy wild customers with epic vendors.

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Tangoo Updates

On request from Tangoo’s talented product design team, Xyris updated the app code and UI to satisfy hungry promotionals and further Tangoo’s takeover of the entertainment scene.

We added a new UI, swipe banner system, new vote and check-in displays, deep linking and a new geolocation suite of features.