Music-Driven Game A.I.
Xyris spawned a custom-built, bit-brilliant game engine that is a fusion of music data and physics-driven A.I. We have special weapons of our own when it comes to blending the senses with code.

Weirdly Interesting Game Archetypes
We devised a veritable pantheon of animal behaviours for FREQ.Trigger as reference for the brilliant enemy races Richard had devised for his game.

Blow-It-All-Up Mode
Through experimentation (cough, serendipity) Xyris invented the Crescendo Mode – build up energy reserves and careen into enemies to give them a nice explodey hug!

An Array of Enemies arrayed in Glory Before You
Each music event creates a new composition of enemy horde. Xyris came up with the mad formula code to convert beautiful music into your worst best nightmare batallions. 

FREQ.Trigger Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.47.54 PMFREQ.Trigger

Weapons? We Have Weapons!
Smart bombs? Lightning bolts? Guided missiles? We got ’em. Xyris created the code to drive these nasty beauties with music data, produced by FREQ’s clever algorithm master Nick Bygrave.

Robot Overlords
Driving the emotional needs of Mech, Organic and Crystalline entities takes genius talent. Xyris created a Finite State Machine to create and update enemy behavior. We created a bevy of behaviors bounding from cat-like disinterest to wolverine-like persistence  to Itchy Death Throes. We didn’t hold back on that one.

Scale the ‘Verse
Xyris grooved on everything from fractaloid clouds to parallax to a scalable game universe.

Then Play It Again, Saul
Play once and you’ll have to go back for seconds. Add the Organics and pass the Crystalline!

a little about..


Sparks flew over the Internets when game design genius Richard Hayden rang Xyris to build his spectacular invention, FREQ.Trigger! A game jam impossible to resist: a completely music-driven science fiction game with way, way more than the usual bass, mid, treble at play. A truly synthesthetic experiment that is a part of the Xyris DNA.

VIA Freq Entertainment:
“Revolutionary” – The Sun (four stars’ rating).
“Must Have” – Zoo magazine
“Hot App” – Heat magazine
“You’ve never played a game like this before.” – The Sunday Times

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