ChartSpan – Application Updates 

Updated UI Design
Xyris rapidly converted ChartSpan’s olde table view landing screen to nouveau “Pinterest” style look. Patients swooned at the beautiful sight. 

New Inputs
We added a host of new inputs for medical data and visual records, all within the app’s extensive security architecture. HIPAA that!



Early Early Meet Meet
Round planet? No problem! We lept out of bed at 6:30am every meeting for many moons to participate in ChartSpan’s 9:30am roundups. Xyris laughs at the dawn…after coffee!

Transmission Begins
Xyris extended ChartSpan’s secure server communications with patient requests for records and record-sharing to trusted doctors.


a little about..


Out of the southern blue ChartSpan called up Xyris with a hungry need to code new features yesterday! We met the challenge and completed new features to this amazing app. ChartSpan went on to become the #1 most downloaded app in the USA Medical App Store charts, and won an addition $1.7 million USD from  investors. Take control of your medical records with ChartSpan.