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All images following are real-time, collaborative, 360-degree experiential virtual environments which support voice chat, text chat, optional video chat, and real-time items participants can interact with.
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Xyris Interactive Design Inc (XyrisID) Envisions Future of Education

Vancouver, BC – Feb 15, 2021 – When the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic arose, Kenneth Mayfield was stranded in the EU and decided to envision the future of distance education.

“I could see immediately that we were now in an epoch of world-size problems and that we would need a better way to learn complex subjects in-depth.; being a bit of a futurist and sci-fi nerd, the lure to ‘warp-speed’ experiential education forward is irresistible!”

“What would it look like to envision the future of ‘dimensional complex’ interactive education? How would we explore a natural subject and learn not only its incredible complexity but also its relationships in the web of life?”

“It was also clear that the burden of producing educational materials would fall to teachers and, on the commercial side, travel would impact business meetings and trade shows. Therefore I imagined ‘reaching through the portal of time’ to bring something back of value, and invented almost thirty virtual environments for education, counselling, recreation and business situations. Under development are better interactive techniques reaching towards this goal of the next generation of online education. What should AR/VR/Desktop/Mobile learning really look like now post-pandemic?”

Kenneth’s odyssey during the pandemic includes experiencing the first sudden emergency lockdowns in Prague, transit to Canada through eerily quiet airports, quarantine, repatriation, and pivoting business during COVID-19.

Xyris Interactive Design Inc. was established in 2015 by Kenneth Mayfield as an interactive authoring house focusing on science and gaming. Since 2020 projects include co-working, trade show, educational and meditative environments for desktop, mobile devices, and VR. 

Kenneth worked with the fintech business Enrian Partners a.s. based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Kenneth Mayfield
Vancouver, BC

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“Encounter with Santa Clause in a medieval hall.
Pass each of four milestones to win an audience with old-world Santa.
©2021 Xyris Interactive Design Inc.
Meditation Forest – Explore this calming forest at sunset and look for the fireflies.
©2021 Xyris Interactive Design Inc.
Fly with an eagle – meditative environment exploring a large beautiful canyon while atop an eagle.
©2021 Xyris Interactive Design Inc.
Christmas loop – enjoy a quiet holiday moment in the forest with aurora, reindeer and a tiny cat.
©2021 Xyris Interactive Design Inc.
Xyris Interactive Design Inc. offers incredible labs for inspiration and education. Here is Mars Lab.
©2021 Xyris Interactive Design Inc.
Wetlands meadow – show stakeholders your project and its improvements VIA this virtual world.
©2021 Xyris Interactive Design Inc.
Visit an exoplanet!
©2021 Xyris Interactive Design Inc.


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