Hamline Law Online Education

We aimed and reached a “90%” happiness rate with our client on this first-ever venture into online learning.

Xyris project-managed for the Hamline Distance Learning’s iPad application interface and provided code to its chat and journaling functions. The project was ‘graded’ a 90% mark by the clients.

Hamline University School of Law is one of the premier Law University’s in the United States, consistently ranking highly by Forbes.com for the quality of education that Hamline University supplies to the students that attend their prestigious educational center.

“Venturing into the competitive Distance Learning market segment, YOUMOBTOO has designed and delivered a highly interactive distance learning technology solution to support Hamline University’s students from around the world, based on Apple hardware and SDK software, supported on a client-server infrastructure to support Hamline University School of Law requirements today and their future requirements of tomorrow.”

– Video delivery
– Live chat
– PDF Viewer
– Discussion Board
– Personal Journal
– API connectivity communications

Hamline news article, MinnPost

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