ChartSpan – New features

Xyris awoke at the break of dawn to speed ChartSpan towards its next appointment with success.
We added many new features to bring ChartSpan into its next level of brilliant market domination.
Xyris revised the landing page UI, added text inputs of many new important health items including medications, allergies, image capture of insurance cards, Advance Directive, and consulted on the App’s health with all team members.

ChartSpan approached us at a critical time in their evolution as a startup, as they needed a replacement developer immediately to further their App progress and meet investor targets. Xyris stepped in and dependably provided iOS code services and feedback on new features and improvements to the current code base. ChartSpan successfully obtained their investor funding.

Article: ChartSpan is the most downloaded medical app in America
Article: ChartSpan raises $2M in funding

Client: ChartSpan llc

ChartSpan tech notes

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