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Virtual Trade Show

Save money, reach more potential customers, describe your product or service in-depth during and after the event with our Virtual Trade Show. Pre-qualify your customers from a larger pool of attendees. Reduce expenses related to travel, accommodation and liability (no risk of COVID-19 in the virtual world).
Follow up on the trade floor with live video chat and keep the conversation going. Customers can focus on your message with minimal background noise and distractions.
Link: XyrisID Virtual Trade Show

Virtual Co-working Room

Video conferencing works for short-term needs but spending a day ‘on display’ as a screen personality is proving to be exhausting and induces stress. Video-only limits interaction to a constrained grid of silos.
Break out of the video brickwork with our Virtual Co-working Space.
Sit side-by-side, stretch your legs, change viewpoint, share a whiteboard, communicate with voice audio and text chat, then switch on the video as you need it. Stay engaged in a workday while at a distance and stay refreshed, stay connected and keep innovating.
Link: XyrisID Virtual Co-working Room

Teambuilding and Training

Leverage soft skills, teach new technical skills and offer employee training exercises in the virtual world. The metaverse improves retention of information up to 30% more over conventional online sources. Sense memory is engaged and what you practice, makes perfect. Make like Neo and download your skills today!
Link: Teambuilding Options


Virtual Concerts

The Metaverse has already witnessed hugely successful online concerts with tens of thousands and even millions of attendees interacting with the performer in virtual space.
Make your own event happen in a variety of spaces: warm and intimate coffee shop, elegant auditorium, art gallery speakeasy, location-specific outdoor stage, or Wembly-size stadium, complete with light show and audience interaction.
Link: Virtual Concert Styles


Virtual Science STEM Labs

Environment can open your perspective to new possibilities. This is the enduring success of well-designed architectural environments and interior design. We bring this principle into the lab or classroom. Why study organic chemistry in a dull room when you can study hydrocarbons on Titan? If researching botany why not examine species in situ? Interested in Sol? Study the sun’s behaviour in our Solar Lab.
Link: XyrisID Virtual Labs and Classrooms


Ecological Environments

Virtual environments and immersion fold space to maximum cognitive effect! Species and environmental relationships are complex, minute, subtle and endlessly fascinating. Supplement book knowledge with a ‘field trip’ to any biome of your choosing. Interact with flora, fauna and adjust day/night cycles with colleagues and students to convey with a richness of depth and detail the many epochs of Earth’s history and our place in it.
Link: Ecological Environments


Counselling Environments

Telemedicine during the pandemic has leapt forward a decade in one year as medical professionals meet the needs of patients during the ongoing medical emergency. Meet with patients in secure, audio-encrypted rooms, demonstrate medical processes in patients’ frames of reference, and work through desensitization scenarios to improve patient phobias.
Link: XyrisID Counselling Environments

Recreation and Seasonal

Recreation and Holiday Themes

Celebration with friends and meditation in solitude (or alongside others) aids mental health, especially during a pandemic. Select from our exceptional gallery of shared multiplayer environments – winter landscape, rural cabin, meditative forest, or a game-style Encounter with Wizard Santa.
Link: Recreational and Holiday Themes

Avatars and Interaction

Natural-Language Avatars

We offer avatars across a range of styles which support natural-language conversation, voice-to-text and text-to-voice for any situation from training to information sourcing to soft skills practice.
Link: Natural-Language Avatars


Custom Projects

We offer custom work to build your environment, avatar, scenario or lesson.
Link: Custom Projects


Competitive Games

Multiplayer and Single-player blockchain-based gaming, off the rails and out of this world! Endless frontiers in multiplayer competitive games are possible. Blockchain-based income, custom avatars, proven game dynamics and more are a significant part of our #metaverse design.
Link: Competitive Games

VR Video

VR180 Immersive Video Production

Stereoscopic VR videos require special care managing perspective depth, lateral motion and pacing. We edit and produce professional VR180 content for your training or entertainment needs. VR180 is a very efficient way to deliver immersive content.
Link: VR180 Video Production

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