Ecological Environments

Explore the science and relationships of Earth’s biomes

Virtual environments and immersion fold space to maximum cognitive effect! Species and environmental relationships are complex, minute, subtle and endlessly fascinating. Supplement book knowledge with a ‘field trip’ to any biome of your choosing. Interact with flora, fauna and adjust day/night cycles with colleagues and students to convey with a richness of depth and detail the many epochs of Earth’s history and our place in it.

Biomes for Business

Describe energy inputs and outputs, carbon budgets, remediation projects, ecological restorations and more with any desired system. Work with real-world maps and location data. Populate with endemic species or species reintroduction. Explore the terrain with professional colleagues to reinforce the successes and challenges of your venture.

Biomes for Education

Bring students ‘into the field’ to explore the biomes of Terra. North Pole, Antarctica, The Amazon, the Kalahari Desert, The Great Barrier Reef and all its peoples are only moments away.

Biomes for Speculation

What would an exoplanet early in its evolution look like? What is a planet in the habitable zone? What chemical and geological features might it express? Widen perspective and explore cosmological history at a whim.

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