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Environment can open your perspective to new possibilities. This is the enduring success of well-designed architectural environments and interior design. We bring this principle into the lab or classroom. Why study organic chemistry in a dull room when you can study hydrocarbons on Titan? If researching botany why not examine species in situ? Interested in Sol? Study the sun’s behaviour in our Solar Lab.

Ecological Experience

Study coral spawning in a first-person viewpoint. Explore the close interconnections between flora, fauna and climate. Witness the varied populations and whales of the ocean’s mesopelagic zone or study extremophiles in the Hadel zone.
Learn about the relationship between monarch butterflies and eucalyptus trees. Explore the rarified nutrient gradients of Earth’s polar regions or the remarkable resilience of desert life.

Far Reaches of Space at your Fingertips

Breach the event horizon of the cosmos’ most intense entity, a singularity, from the safety of your computer. Study the birth, life and death of stars. Learn about our sun’s solar behaviour or examine the surface of Mars for signs of past life.
Learn about the almost unimaginable reach of a ‘cosmic telescope’ and travel to witness the generation of gravitational waves embedded in the very fabric of space-time.

The Three-Dimensional Classroom, Reimagined

Conventional classrooms have their benefits as a familiar environment for study and lecture. Professors can augment their lessons with 3D models, animations and lighting while displaying their notes on a traditional blackboard. Students can take notes and interact by raising their avatar’s hand during lecture.

Labs in Distance Education

Students need hands-on access to labs regardless of location. Emulate lab equipment and experimentation with virtual facsimiles of microscopes, test tubes, beakers and other familiar equipment. Place these in a modern lab environment or a futuristic setting to inspire your students.

Enter the Microverse

Much of the most fascinating and subtle processes on earth take place at a microscopic or even atomic level. Gain perspective with context-at-scale by showing your students what takes place within a cell or how atomic bonds are formed. Or, reverse the equation by placing student avatars into human-size cell labs.

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