City Cluz iOS Geography game

van approached us with a fabulous family project. City Cluz geographical quiz (home page here) features more than 300 puzzles,...

Hordes and Legions

attle music loop. Tap orange icon to play.

The Witcher Bewitched

little track inspired by playing The Witcher 3 extensively. Tap orange icon to play.


“rying out a different template of sounds with a short “after the war” cue.” Tap orange icon to play.

DoodleBops™ Clubhouse Adventure – game code

A blast from the past!

TobiGames screen

TidyUp! Interactive Engine

Thomas of TobiGames, a new father, has a great idea - make an interactive iPad engine for young children.

SteamPunk Hockey

ockey re-imagined with the finest of Victorian technologies!No expense is spared to bring you the newest electric entertainments of our...

HC Sparta logo

HC Sparta Air Hockey

ust can’t keep a good thing on ice. Except, for Spartans! Xyris rebranded SteamPunk Hockey with game changers: Modern, Vintage...